As RPA become from mainstream, businesses who are slow to incorporate this technology into their business process management strategy will have a harder time adapting to the rapidly changing business environment. We will work with you to analyze, design, define and deploy RPA in your organization.

Define and Design Automation Strategy

During the initial assessment and feasibility phase, we will help you become familiar with Robotic Process Automation so we can work together to determine how it will fit into your operations. We work with you to identify the best process candidates to automate.

We work with you to define an enterprise vision for automation within your organization. We will assist you with:

  • Building an agile automation platform
  • Establish well define automation methodology
  • Identify a trial process for Proof of Concept or Pilot project

Implement and Deploy Using Blue Prism automation platform

With a small team of our consultants and your internal resources, we will use Blue Prism automation platform to implement your automation strategy. Conforming to Blue Prism automation methodology (Define, Design, Build, UAT Testing and Deploy), we will deliver a well design automated process based on an Agile method.

Manage Automation Operations

A key difference between Robotic Process Automation and traditional automation is that the business groups instead of IT, define, deploy, manage and maintain the processes using the Blue Prism software.

Working with your operations team, business SMEs and IT team, we will help you manage your automated process internally with no or limited external resources.

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